Academy Camp – Overview in English

What’s Academy Camp?

“No one has ever changed the world by doing what the world has told them to do.” This is a statement by a teen-age entrepreneur, Mr. Eddy Zhong. In many areas and fields, we see lots of emerging young talents like him. Plus, the world itself as we know today is in a rapid process of changing, through new technology such as artificial intelligence and robots. This is the beginning of the next generations. Children living today are part of such new generations, and they will be the ones in charge of the future of human race.

Academy Camp started as a series of camps for children in Fukushima, the Japanese prefecture most affected by the year 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake/Tsunami and TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Disaster. The initial passion behind the creation of the camp still lives in our heart.

What we can do, we think, is to support those children to go forward into the unknown future where they can lead us through the rapid changes, and make sure that the next generations will never repeat the tragedy we have regrettably allowed to happen to them. That is the reason why we continue to hold this series of camps with lots of fun and learning.

So please join us

We look forward to working with you in our camps. There are several ways in which you can participate:

  1. Donation
    Please join our challenge at GlobalGiving and/or spread the word of it.

    Project : School of Fun for Children in Fukushima

  2. Becoming a staff member or a lecturer
    Wherever you live, there are chances of your participations in our camps in many different ways. Please contact us by e-mail.

Organization information

Name Academy Camp
Type General incorporated association (of non-profit type)
Date of foundation December 7, 2012 (registered date)
Representative director Kenji Saito
Address 4-14-22 Ishikawa, Fujisawa 252-0815 Japan
Web site
Board of directors Masaki Minami
Shinichiro Kurosawa
Akira Nagao
Kenji Saito
Auditor Takeo Ninomiya
Core partners
  • YMCA Kawasaki
  • Public Technology Design Consortium, Keio Research Institute at SFC, Keio University
  • Project YUI Consortium

Financial Statements

Overview in Japanese is here.